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January 2015

New products available in the shop. WHAL Professional, a trade mark knowing for its great professional grooming products. - Clippers and blades for professionals and hobby-groomers - Highly effective dog shampoos for any kind of fur

November 2014

I started creating some movies to show you how easy grooming can be for you with the right tools. Please sign up for my chanal at YouTube: Groomers-Mall

October/November 2014

The salon will be open during fall vaccation. Diffrent discounts take place during October on the online shop

August 2014

Summer Sale of 10% at ends at the end of August. New products like trimmers and treat bags are now available at

July / August 2014

The Salon will be closed from July 21th till July 27th.

May / June 2014

New products are available at groomres-mall. Clippers and blades of Aesculap have arrived. Maschines suitable for hobby- and professional groomers. Get more informations here...

March 2014

First ticks have be found on dogs. Looks like the tick population grows fast this year because of the warm temperatures since the beginning of this year. Protect you and your dog from this terrible beasts with the BIO PRO PET Zeckenstopper. 10 % Discount on all anti-tick-products. Get more Infos here..

January / February 2014

The new online-shop for groomers, breeders and dog-owner is commig soon! - high quality products - only natural ingriedients - professional tools for professional or hobby groomers - quantity discounts for wholesale

December 2013

The cold temperatures have arrived. Ice can build up on you dogs paws. Shortening the hair between the paws you will save your dog from pain. Shorter hair on your dogs legs prevent from accumulating snow which can stick to the fur and make walking for your dog impossible. Make the winter time an enjoyable time for your dog, make an appointment now.

November 2013

A new collection of knitted sweaters is here. Especially little dogs tend to be cold because their very close to the ground. The sweaters are hand knitted and machine washable. If you like a fabric which better protects from wettness you will find in the stylish fleece hoodies the perfect cloth for the winter time. Read more about dog apparel here.

News October 2013

Prepare for the cold winter time with nice hand knitted sweaters. Available with 2 or 4 legs. Get your dog ready for winter. Make an appointment to learn how I can prepare your dog for the cold days. News August/September 2013 It’s the time of stickseeds. They grow everywhere and stick terribly to your dogs coat. The best way to get rid of those little seeds is to brush the coat with a comb. Place a comb in front of your door or even better take one with you on the dog walk and brush your dog before returning home.

News July / August 2013

The grooming salon is closed for vacation from August 5th - 19th 2013. Happy 4th of July America! New: Natürliche Hundefrisuren on Facebook!

News June 2013

Help for an animal shelter. With help of my daughter Sara I groomed a couple of dogs at an animal shelter. Those dogs needed help, their fur was in a terrible condition. News April 2013 We moved back to Hoehenstrasse, the salon will open again by April 16th. News January- April 2013 The salon is open from January till March 2013. We will move back to Hoehenstrasse in April. I will let you know as soon as possible when the salon will open again.

News October 2012

I will be able to groom a couple of dogs by the end of Octobre 2013. The salon will be completely ready for you when we move back to Hoehenstrasse in April 2013.

News August 2012

We’re back in Switzerland since the beginning of August 2012. Since our house at Hoehenstrasse is rented till April 2013 I’ll have to wait to open the grooming salon.

News 2010 - 2012

We moved to New York in April 2010. Hope we will have a good time and meet a lot of new friends.

dogs in the US

In most places in the US dogs have to stay on leash. But there are a couple of bark parks where the dogs can enjoy to be off leash. Our favorite place for off leash fun was the Rye beach, which was open for dogs in winter time.  
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last update: January 17th 2015

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