Designed by: B. Gherardi
Hundesalon Golden Retriever Hundesalon Pudel Hundesalon Mischling Hundesalon Bolonka Hundesalon Mischling Hundesalon Tibet-Mix Hundesalon Yorki-Mix Hundesalon Bobtail
Aicha, very calm
Churchill has fun
Flurry with summer cut
Rocky a star
Balou likes to be groomed
Hobbit’s tired
Mixi, sportive short cut
Yuki needs a lot of work
Hundesalon Pudel Schäfer Mix
poor guy was completely matted
Hundesalon Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Momo’s learning how to be groomed
Hundesalon Malteser
Bobby’s posing like a model
Hundesalon Lhasa Apso
Striezi got rid of his mats
Emergency at the animal shelter, most of the dogs needed to be cut down completely
Not every dog had to be groomed, I only groomed the worst cases. Please support animal shelters, they need your help.

Pics from my work

Hundesalon Chihuahua
Kyoto small and brave
Hundesalon Pudel Mix
Tobias, very calm and likes to be treated
Hundesalon Collie
Jonny got his summer cut
Hundesalon Schäfer Mix
Luna with a very short cut, she don’t has to suffer in the heat
Hundesalon Labrador
What’s a Lab doing in the salon? See how much underwool I could take out

Grooming Salon Natürliche Hundefrisuren

Hundesalon Malteser
Looks as if Gina has fun while groomingL
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Lamisha is finished, what a cute little dog!
Hundesalon Malteser
Bobby with his summer cut
Hundesalon Malteser
Gina and Diva are ready to go home
Hundesalon Malteser
Miniature Schnauzer Kelly has a very nice and soft coat
Hundesalon Malteser
The three Labradoodles enjoy the company of my daughter Sara
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Long time no see! Welcome back Jasper
Cute little Mini doesn’t like the camera.
Shayenne is waiting in our livingroom for her owner