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about me

about me

Working with animals is very exciting. It needs a lot of love and patience to build a calm environment, where the animals feel good and you’re able to gain their trust. Every day is a new challange, because even a dog can be in a bad mood sometimes. I work as a dog groomer since 2008 and made a lot of experiences in that time. I dealt with cute little pooches and I dealt with blind and snappish dogs. It’s important to work with the owner as well. If an owner feels comfortable bringing his dog to my salon, the dog will be calm as well. If you like, you can stay during the session and benefit from my tips an techniques. That way I benefit from your information about the dog, somtimes it’s good to know more about the dogs habits. Because the salon is located in our basement, I’m able to give you appointments ouside of the usual business hours.

Association Melampo

I’ve supported the dog shelter Melampo ( since years. We help in a financial way and organize adoptions in Switzerland. Both of my dogs “Churra” and “Gaucho” are from the camp Melampo in Spain of course. Please help
Beatrix Gherardi, Inhaber Hundesalon

Grooming Salon Natürliche Hundefrisuren

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