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Grooming Salon Natürliche Hundefrisuren

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Only one dog at the time.

No stress, no pressure.

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Grooming Salon

Natürliche Hundefrisuren

“not your average grooming salon”


It’s important for most breeds, crossbreeds or mixtures to see the dog groomer regularly.

It prevents your dog from health problems.

- matted fur can irritate or damage skin

- claws can grow into flesh

- dirty ears or eyes can cause inflammations

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Helps with the daily care

A grooming treatment will make the coat care easier for you. - short fur is easily maintained and kept clean - a shorter coat helps your dog to deal with the heat in summer - Ears, eyes and paws are easier to clean with short fur learn more about how I can help you: service

Why I’m different?

Only one dog in the salon - I can focus on your dog only - Your dog will not be disturbed or stressed out because of other dogs You can stay - if you like - Your dog will be more comfortable, no separation anxiety - benefit from my tips when I show you the right techniques I do not bathe the dogs - no additional stress for your dog - time of treatment cuts in half read more about my service

Cats in the grooming salon (the cat salon)

Not only dogs need to be groomed. A lot of long hair cats need a treatment as well. Most cats in Switzerland are allowed to enjoy their time outside hunting, which is great. But are they back home when you have time to brush them? Long hair cats suffer a lot from matted fur. Most of the cats enjoy beeing brushed and behave very well. read more about my service for cats
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