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Natural coat care

Natural coat care means keeping your dog healthy and facilitate coat care. With a natural grooming your dog won’t be too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Fur which mats a lot should be brushed and dead hair should be removed regularly. A short coat is easier to be maintained. Of course I will respect your dogs breed and/or grooming standards. Most dog owners can bathe their dogs at home. I do not bathe the dogs in my salon to keep the session as short as possible, so dogs stay calm. Read more below.  
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The salon

It doesn’t matter what the size, breed, age or coat your dog has. Every dog will be treated individually so will enjoy the session. My time management allows me to have only one dog at the time in the salon. This is important for me, because I will only focus on your dog. No stress, no cannels, no mass processing If you prefer you can stay during treatment and benefit from my tips and techniques.    Usually a treatment will not take longer than 1 - 1 1/2 hours. I try to keep the treatment as short as possible.

My service

I provide a natural coat care and an individual hairstyle for your best friend.   Thinning, clipping, brushing, de-matting, paw and claw care, and eye, ear and teeth-care (if possible), max. 1 - 2 hours.   Last minute appointments or appointments outside of business hours possible. Prices made by time and effort. (for example: Cocker Spaniel CHF 70.-/h, German Shepherd CHF 80.-/h).  
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Grooming Salon Natürliche Hundefrisuren

The Cat Salon

Even cats get matty and have to see a groomer from time to time. Prevent your cat from mats with regular brushing. Most cats are allowed to go outside in Switzerland, so sometimes it’s not easy to catch the right time when the cat is home. Most cats enjoy to be brushed and behave very well while grooming them. Don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment to keep your cat healthy. Because of my schedule I’m able to take my time for your cat without having a dog in the salon.

Sick, old dogs or dogs which have had a recent surgery

A lot of people ask about a treatment after a recent surgery. It is possible to groom a dog which has had health problems of any kind. Because of my schedule I am able to take my time for your dog. In that case I only groom the parts which really need a cut, like paws or matted parts. Please inform me about the condition of your dog, when making an appointment.

Bathe and drying

I will keep the stress for your dog as low as possible, that’s why I don’t bathe your dog. Usually it’s not neccessary to bathe your dog before a treatment. Most dog owners are able to bathe their dogs at home. In my experience dogs can deal with the treatment without getting tired or stressed out for about an hour. The time of treatment can be cut in half without washing and drying the coat. If you think your dog feels itchy after grooming, you can bathe him nice and quietly at home with a shampoo which is specially designed for dogs.  
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