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Tips: Anus & genitals
Hundesalon Tipps

Anus and genitals

Your dogs anus and genitals have to be clean and free of parasites.

Anus / genitals

Dog poo can stick to your dogs coat especially when he’s suffer from diarrhea. Help your dog if he’s not able to clean it himself. Clean it with shampoo, a soft tissue and warm water. If you keep your dogs hair around the genitals short, dog poo won’t stick to it. Get help by your dog groomer to prevent health problems.
Female dogs need special care if she’s in heat. Keep her genitals clean with a tissue and warm water or shampoo. Blood drops on the floor should be cleaned as well. They can be breeding grounds for bacterias.
Male dogs genitals can suffer from inflammations as well. If you see unusual secretion on the dogs genitals please see a vet.

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