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Tips: Eyes & Ears
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Eyes and Ears

The regular dog-care includes eyes and ears as well. A dog should learn to be patient while having ears and eyes checked and cleaned. Teach your dog a routine like sit and stay.

Checking the eyes

Your dogs eyes should be shiny and free of debris. Clean the eyes with warm water and a soft tissue. You can find special eye care products for dogs in pet- shops or in my online shop Clean carefully only from the outside of the eyes towards the nose. Do not let the eyes become crusted. It can cause inflammations. Keep the hairs near the eyes short and clean. Red or very watery eyes should be check by a vet. Cutting hair near the eyes is very dangerous especially with dogs which don’t stay calm. Never use  pointy scissors, there are special round tip scissors on the market or get help by a dog groomer.

Checking ears

Your dogs ears should be clean and should never smell bad. A bad smell is a sign of an inflammation. Use a soft tissue with warm water or a special ear care product to clean. Never use cotton swabs! Some breeds tend to grow ear hair (poodle, schnauzer, etc.). This hair gets tangled and dirty which can cause problems or inflammations. Talk to your vet or groomer whether it’s neccessary to pull out those hairs. Floppy ear breeds have to have a special ear care as well. Long and havy ears usually don’t dry properly, the ears stay wet and with the warmth of the body it provides a perfect place for fungus and parasites. Shorter hair will reduce the weight of the ear.
Itchy ears can be a sign for inflammations. If your dog is shaking his head a lot, please go see a vet. Usually you can smell an inflammation. It smells bad and sour.

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