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Tips: coat care
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Coat care

Regular coat care is important for the health of your dog. Pick a quiet place in your house or on the dog walk. Take your time to pamper your dog and you both will enjoy a nice time together! Every dog will enjoy to be groomed while cuddeling with his loved one.

A daily ritual

Because most dogs don’t live outside any more, the natural change of the hair has stopped. A lot of dogs lose their hair through out the  whole year, or because of special breeding they will never lose hair. Dead hair has to be removed otherwise it will get tangled and the coat will mat. A matted coat can hurt your dog and parasites find a perfect place for hiding. Long hair breeds should be brushed once a day! Dogs - especially long hair breeds - should learn to be brushed with a ritual, like sit and stay, from early on. Reward your dog after the treatment with a game or a treat. Brushing your dogs coat will remove dead hair, sand, dirt and other stuff picked up on the dog walk. It’s a very good moment to check for ticks and fleas. If your dog loses a lot of hair you can brush your dog on the walk. Choose a nice place and take a couple of minutes for the coat care. More videos on You Tube: .

Brush or comb?

It depends on the fur of your dog which tool you should use. Most of the time a comb will do a better job, because brushes tend to go over mats. Learn more about diffrent brushes and combs.


Some coats need more care. The undercoat needs to be removed otherwise it gets tangled. Let me help you to find the right tool for your dogs coat. Make an appointment or find the right tool in my online shop. See how easy a Matbreakter works: Watch on YouTube


It’s not neccessary to bathe your dog regularly! But sometimes they love to dig in dirt, roll in other animals feces or sometimes they just smell bad. Get the right shampoo for your dog! The dogs skin is diffrent from the humans skin that’s why you have to choose a shampoo especially developed for dogs. The shampoo should be free of alcohol and frangrances, read the contents carefully. Most of the shampoos can be thinned with water. BIO PRO PET stands for high quality. The shampoos and conditioners are non-toxic, free of alcohol and free of frangrances. Buy a shampoo or learn more about BIO PRO PET Products.

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