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Tips: paws, claws
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Paws and claws

Do not forget to care about your dogs paws. Most dogs don’t like it when we touch their paws, but you can teach them from early on how enjoyable a paw massage can be.

Healthy paws

Usually a dog will take care of his paws by himself. He licks and nibbles softly on his paws. However, a regular check is neccessary, ticks, chewing gums, splints etc. can cause problems. Salt in winter time can damage your dogs sensitive paws or ice can build up inside the paws. Avoid havely salted streets and clean your dogs paw with warm water when returning home.


Claws usually shorten themself on the dog walks. Walking on hard pavement will rasp the claws to an proper lengh. But sometimes it’s neccessary to help the natur. Dogs with havy claw grow have to get their nails cut. Long dew claws can grow round. They grow back into the skin and the paw (see picture below). Always use a sharp nail cutter or get help from your vet or dog groomer.
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A perfect example for too long claws
This is a dew claw which grew into the paw by a couple of milimeters. I was able to cut it and because there was no open wound no vet treatment was needed.
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Dog grooming clipper for paws and face