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Tips: Teeth
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Check your dogs teeth from time to time. Get your dog used to check his teeth regularly from early on. I can show you how you open your dogs mouth properly.

clean teeth, dental calculus

A healthy mouth is important for your dog. Dental calculus can cause very bad inflammations. Your dog can lose his teeth or in worst case he can get blood poisoning. Check your dogs teeth or get help by your vet or dog groomer. An example for dental calculus
Check your dogs gum regularly for inflammations and dental calculus. A healthy mouth smells normal. A bad smell shows you that something is not right. Please get the teeth checked regularly by your vet or dog groomer.
Signs of problems A bad smelling breath can be a sign of a bad mouth condition. If your dog does not eat right or salivates abnormally it can ba a sign of an inflammation.
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